Monday, April 30, 2007

· Hard Working Nerds

Some bios for the amazing contributors to Elfworld...

<Jeffrey Brown has yet to write any autobiographical comics about his nerdy, D&D-loving, Tolkien-reading, Magic-card collecting days of youth. He looks like a big Hobbit.

Martin Cendera is a continuing contributor to MOME and also has a new continuing series titled Sublife, both published by Fantagraphics.

Sean Collins has written about comics and popular culture for Wizard, The Comics Journal, Stuff, Giant, Complex, WWE, and the A&F Quarterly. His comics have been published at He lives on Long Island with his wife and their cats.

K. Thor Jensen lives in New York City with his wife and their dog, cat, and unborn child. The child will probably be born soonish. His graphic novel, Red Eye, Black Eye, is in stores now.

Dave McKenna’s comics have appeared in House of Twelve, Mauled!, and Legal Action Comics. He dwells inside an enchanted Roger Dean poster in the mystickal land of New York City.

Erik Nebel recently finished writing and drawing a 234 page graphic novel called Happy Birthday. His next project is a graphic novel adaptation of War and Peace. Erik believes that if Tolstoy were alive today, he'd be big, big comic-book fan.

<Jason Overby lives with his wife and their cat in Portland, Oregon. He works on comics all the time, but he's generally too lazy to scan them in and print them out.

Liz Prince has been drawing comics ever since she was in 3rd grade. Her first full length book is Will You Still Love Me If I Wet the Bed? (Top Shelf Productions).

>Ansis Purins is an artist who resides in the ancient port town known as Boston. A freelance illustrator who's clients include Wheelhouse Pickles, he self publishes the comic series Zombre and Duppy.

Ron Regè, Jr. lives in Los Angeles, where he has been playing drums in a musical group called Lavender Diamond. Their debut LP will be released in May 2007. His most recent books are "The Awake Field", and "Skibber Bee~Bye" from D&Q, as well as Yeast Hoist 12 from Buenaventura Press.

<Jesse Reklaw has been drawing the self-syndicated, weekly comic strip Slow Wave since 1995. It's currently printed by ten newspapers around the United States, and online at Currently he is working on a comics memoir, one chapter of which was published in the 2006 Best American Comics by Houghton-Mifflin.

Grant Reynolds lives in Chicago and is a regular contributor to The Skeleton News, a monthly underground paper. His books “Smaller Parts”, “To the Mouth of the Source”, and “M'Lady Serene” are available through Short Pants Press.

Souther Salazar lives and works in Los Angeles.His many works include the children’s book Destined for Dizziness (Buenaventura Press).

Dalton Sharp works on his comic Love is Lava. He is a member of The Crown Commission. He lives in Toronto.

Kazimir Strzepek RACE: Higher Nerd DIETY: None ALIGNMENT: Neutral Chaotic STR:7 INT:13 WIS:14 DEX:13 CON:10 CHR:14 SKILLS: Jump +4 Handle Animal +2 Drawing +1 Bicycles +1 Tetris +3 BACKGROUND: Kazimir was raised by Owlbears and draws Mourning Star put out by Bodega Books.

Jason Turner & Jody Turner are Canadian brothers, born in Manitoba, but spent most of their lives in Ontario. Jody builds props for television and movies in Toronto. Jason works crappy day jobs in Vancouver and recently had his first graphic novel, True Loves, published by New Reliable Press. When the brothers are in the same place they sometimes write goofy comics together.

<François Vigneault has recently converted his alignment from Chaotic Good to Lawful Neutral, much to his chagrin. He draws the comic Friends and lives in San Francisco.

Matt Wiegle lives in Brooklyn and draws things. He is responsible forthe mini-comics "Ayaje's Wives," "The Ghosts," "The Four Husbands" and "Seven More Days Of Not Being Eaten." He is a member of the Partyka comics collective.


Friday, April 27, 2007

· Rollin' Hatin'

Here is kind of what the Elfworld contributor's section in the Rollin' Hatin' art show looked like:

From left to right: Ron Regé, Jr. + Souther Salazar, me, Grant Reynolds, Jeff Brown, K. Thor Jensen, and Jesse Reklaw. Not sure where Ansis Purins' and Liz Prince's work got to...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

· Comic Conventions: Somewhat Exhausting.

APE happened! Wow... this was a huge big year for me, with Elfworld Vol. 1 coming out for the show... The reaction to the book was very warm, with lots of people who's opinions I respect giving me great, positive feedback. I had a bit of an over-inflated idea of how the book was going to do, I have to admit... I imagined that at least once there would be a crowd three deep around the Family Style table, clamoring for their copy of the hot book of the show... but we had strong sales for our first book ever, and we didn't even stick out like a sore thumb down on the main floor (tho' I was very sad our constant APE neighbors Tim and Stephanie weren't next to us this year!

Because the work on the book was done so early (Jonas and I finished work on it over a month before APE, and it arrived on the Monday before the show (50 boxes x 60 books each = 3000 books or 1400 lbs!), I had a bit of time on my hands! I Occupied my time with various "extra-credit" projects... like this special edition version:

It is actually a sort of hard bound folio slipcase that goes around a copy of the actual book. I would have loved this when I was actually still playing D&D... I'm a dork.

A short list of some nice things I picked up this year:

PS Comics #3 by Minty Lewis: Sooo funny! I hadn't read Minty's comics before she gave me this issue, and now I'm in love! "Fruit Pals" is just full of little mannered details that read perfectly.

Monsters #2 by Ken Dahl: This amazing series continues... very sad, beautiful, and bitter work.

Range Life by Tim La Juenesse & Ellis Parker Walks Into a Bar by Stephanie La Juenesse: As always, Love Letter Press delivers a couple of delighful gems... Range Life finishes of Tim's series well, and I like the stories from Stephanie's chap book that I have read thus far (still have to finish it. Nice letterpress covers on both.

Sidewalk Bump #2 by Dan Moynihan et al: I have been waiting for this to come out for a long time... not only am I in it but I really like Dan's loopy, open artwork... There is an unexpected theme of "night skating" in many of the stories, including my own...

Hunter & Painter and Three Very Small Comics Vol. III, both by Tom Gauld: He must be in Elfworld Vol. 2!

Monster Parade by Ben Catmull: Another person I want in Vol. 2... Damn these too busy cartoonists!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

· Back from the Dead!

Due to a lack of other large sheets of watercolour paper and my impatience to begin working on my painting for We're Rollin', They're Hatin', I went ahead and brewed another cup of tea (see last post for info on my tea disaster) and doused the rest of the drawing with it, giving it an uneven tea-stain all over... it worked! I began the painting yesterday night and I reckon it is nearly finished!

I'm pretty happy with it... Not perfect, and the birds at the top aren't quite showing up very well, but I think I am improving as a watercolorist! It is a theoretical scene from Root & Branch, the fantasy comic that Jonas and I were doing, and perhaps will start up again.

Friday, April 06, 2007

· Share the Pain

I woke up this morning to discover that in my sleep I had knocked over a half-full cup of tea (a remenant from a lovely breakfast in bed I made as part of Hannah's birthday festivities) onto not only the pencil drawing for my piece in We're Rollin', They're Hatin', but also several pages of artwork from my colaboration with Jonas, Root & Branch!

Oh, woe is me! I can start my new drawing again, and I guess I can digitally knock out the coffee stains on Root & Branch, but still. What a thing to wake up too. Ugh. I've got to be neater.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

· Family Style Jamboree #8 out for APE!

Sarah Gion has spearheaded a monumental effort to get Family Style Jamboree back on track to finish up this year (we've got 4 issues to go)! It looks like No. 8, the Gabe Ramos issue, is definitely going to be out for APE... we're still going to try and see if we can get the Nicole Issue out by then, too, ut it looks less likely. I am editing that issue (No. 9), so if you have any tales of Miss Bennett you'd like to share with the world at large, contact me.

(The above image is from my 1 page contribution to the Gabe issue).