Sunday, June 18, 2006

· Birthday Review, News, Excitement

Optical Sloth was the first site to post a review of one of my comics, and now Whitey has gone ahead and posted a new review of Friends #3... What a nice thing to see on your birthday! Thanks Whitey...

Otherwise, all is well... back in San Francisco after a week in NYC for MoCCA, which was fun and exciting, if a tiny bit stressful... Met a lot of people and talked to some potential contributors to Elfworld Volume 2... Volume one is set to come out for SPX, so we'll have it for that show and also the Stumptown Comix Fest, both in October... so lucky you!

I'm gonna run now, this is my second time writing this post (my computer is having the same annoying problems all over again)! So great to still be alive at 28! Who knew!?!