Saturday, April 17, 2010

· Stumptown + Oodles of Doodles Show + SFBC Comic Strip = Busy!

Wow, its been a busy couple of weeks for me, art-wise! There's a couple of things that I wanted to mention:

First off, I'll be at the Stumptown Comics Fest up in Portland next weekend. Family Style will be sharing some space at the Global Hobo table, so look for me there... I have a new issue of my bird-watching zine Bird Brain coming out for the show, it has lots of pretty great new bird illos and writing in it, including a color spread of a Varied Thrush we found late last year (above)!

Secondly, if anyone is down in LA this month, the original of that color Varied Thrush illo from BB 4 will be on display as part of the Oodles of Doodles group show at Tinlark Gallery in Hollywood! The opening is on Saturday, April 24 (obviously, I can't be in two places at once, so I won't be there), lots of amazing artists, should be rad!

Finally, Jonas Madden-Connor and I collaborated on a five-part comic strip for the San Francisco Bike Coalition. There will be a new strip every week, so check back in for more!


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