Sunday, August 27, 2006

· Baby's First Screenprint!

After many years of being a silksceening wanna-be I finally got around to do some genuine screenprinting (as opposed to the wonderful, but somewhat limiting medium of Gocco), with my pal Sarah Gion... She hadn't done any printing since high school, which was a relief; my rather paranoid fear of being chastised by a "pro" had kept me from asking various aquaintances for a leason. Anyways, the overall process was at turns fun, frustrating, and inspiring. Our first project: Posters for the fast approaching SF Zine Fest!

I am definitely going to be taking John Issacson's silkscreening workshop at the fest! This is one of the tidier prints! Hopefully practice makes decent, if not perfect...

Now that my roommate Danielle has vacated for the greener pastures of a sewing studio under Stitch I am planning on converting our house's back room into a silkscreening/comix making workspace for Family Style. Millions of thank yous to both Danielle and Jenny Dickow who has lent us tons of supplies. Very exciting!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

· There (and Back Again)


Hannah cutting her sister Rachel's hair in their parents' backyard in Salem

I'm back now from a very summer-y trip to Portland and various other Oregonian locales... I have been strongly considering moving up to Portland for some time now, primarily for financial reasons, so I sort of view my occasional visits up there as little visions of a possible future... Will I be happy there? Will Portland be happy to have me? The jury's still out...

I met Hannah's parents, which wasn't really as nerve-wracking as one might have expected... Lots of time out-of-doors, swimming, climbing, and otherwise enjoying nature's bounty... Very slow days at the Portland Zine Symposium, but got some excellent cartoonists inquiring about Elfworld Vol. 2... Hannah and I went out booty-dancing at a horrible/wonderful nightclub(with Chris + Yolanda of Underwater Stories and Tim + Stephanie of Love Letter Press) and absolutely were having a great time, but everyone else hated the place and we left and played video games, which wasn't so bad... Some melencholy, but more joyfulness... Lots of time for watercolors...

Okay, that's it for now. I'm back and back to business.