Tuesday, October 10, 2006

· California Pride!

My newest stationery design is now on my Etsy shop: "Greeting from California!"

This is my rendition of a California Quail (callipepla californica), one of my favorite semi-local birds (I usually see them whenever I'm up in Marin, which is pretty rarely, unfortunately). This little guy, of course, is the official bird of the Golden State... I like the idea of representing my home state a bit with this set, although I am planning on doing a few other bird sets in the coming months (honestly not trying to jump on the "crafty bird" bandwagon, I just like 'em! If anything, I am a bit of a bird-watching wanna-be, which is bad enough). I might also do a few more state-themed sets... After I came up with this design (inspired in part by the use of quails in a postcard for Oktoberfest at Suppenküche) I realized that they could just as easily be called "Quail Mail"... that might be a bit much even for me, however!

Anyways, click on the picture above to check out my Etsy shop! Thanks!