Sunday, October 26, 2008

· Halloween Owl

I went over to my pals Mara and Chuck's place for some pumpkin carving action the other night! I had always wanted to make one of these jack-o-lanterns with the relief cuts... I'm quite happy with my mean little owl! If you want to check out everyone else's delightful handiwork, go to Mara and Chuck's daughter Dottie's blog!

Friday, October 17, 2008

· Handmade Hellos - New Book From Chronicle!

I created a project in Handmade Hellos, a really great book with tons of how-to articles created by an amazing "who's who" of creative stationery creators: Foxy & Winston, Egg Press, The Small Object, and many others, including yours truly!

My project is a "road trip postcard set"... inspired by these amazing multi-postcard scenes I've seen before (which I can't find an example of online now... ugh!), with each postcard showing a different portion of a scene of image. I thought that a map could be a great image to chop up to make a fun series out of... for a road trip, or what have you! Of course you could use almost any big image... Just send them in series to the recipient over the course of a couple weeks.

It was a real treat to work with the folks at Chronicle and my wonderful bosses at Hello Lucky (where I now work part-time, too!). You can buy the book, like, everywhere! It comes with templates and lots and lots of great crafting ideas!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

· Bird Brain

Earlier this year I started trying to keep a sketchbook of my experiences as an amateur bird watcher, with the intention of starting a new zine, called Bird Brain... It will be a very modest little series, maybe 16 pages an issue, perhaps 2-4 issues a year. Hopefully it will help me to both keep up a semi-regular self-publishing schedule (since my comics work can develop rather slowly), and also encourage me in going out birding, which has become a very special hobby for me in the last few years...
Night Heron
Barn Swallow
Great Blue Heron

I hope that as Bird Brain develops it might become an outlet for all sorts of nature writing and illustration from me, but for now I'm happy with just getting to spend some time observing and drawing the world around me.

Bird Brain No. 1 should be out in time for APE, November 1 + 2.