Sunday, September 24, 2006

· "Territorial Pissings", Pt. ? of ??

I have been putting the majority of my cartooning energy into a multi-part story about graffiti, the creative impulse, and human nature called "Territorial Pissings." While the springboard for this story is my own long past experiences as a neophyte tagger, I am planning on straying from the my own experiences quite freely for the sake of the story, and my protagonist Evan (returning from the very autobiographical story "Speak Now, or Forever" from Friends #1) is certian to go down at least some paths I never went down... That said, this first completed (tho' not nescessarily first chapter) is based rather directly on something that happened to me back when I lived in Chicago... Click each thumbnail for a bigger image:

Just thought y'all might want to take a look at what i've been up to when I'm not putting on the Zine Fest, promoting Elfworld, or being comically love struck these days!

Monday, September 18, 2006

· Zine Fest!

Photo Credit: Scott Beale/Laughing Squid

Well, it happened...the SFZF 2006! First off, let me say that I was well and truly impressed with the great turnout of creators and everyday folks at the show, I truly cannot believe that it all came together in two months! And of course, two months of work just fly by in two swift days, and you're left with a vague feeling of "That's it?" It was the same with our house's famous "One Dollar Vegan Breakfast" back in the day, or like putting on a party only to feel a bit empty when all the guests clear out.
The overall feedback I recieved from attendees and exhibitors was quite positive, with many people telling me this was the best SFZF yet! Very nice to hear...

Having worn so many hats at the show the whole thing is a bit of a blur, but some highlights:

The "Secret Lives of Zine Librarians" panel I helped organize seemed to go very well, I was super charmed when I wandered over to check up on it and saw the group all huddled at Andrea Grimes' (of the SFPL's Little Maga/Zine Collection) feet, hangin g on her every word... I know it was probably 'cause we didn't have any P.A. for the panel, but it put me in mind of a Socratic zinester academy!

I met Scott from Birdstand and was just super pleased with his vaguely 70s-esque illustrations... Purchased a fantastic print of a French sailor-type and his amorous pursuit of a stylish lady, then my roommate Danielle bought the same one... Scott is evidently a neighbor of mine, I guess, so perhaps I will try and be social with him, go borrow a cup of sugar or what not.

My friends from work Dana and Laura were sharing a table next to Family Style and it was great seeing them with their artwork... Dana makes a pleathora of crafts, including some very popular fold and mail chipboard televisions... Laura makes these really great splatter painted bags and purses under the name Mokomoda.

Talked to Briar from Oven Door Owl about her elegant book Inside The Brambles and possibly working on some sort of urban enviromental nature zine project someday...

Chatted all too briefly with the ever wonderful Jennie Hinchcliff of the ever popularPod Post and she gave me an adorable package which I CANNOT FIND in my hellish, post Zine Fest room! Good lord. Knowing her it will be the absolute best when I find it.

Doing the raffle was an unexpected blast for me, tho' I can't speak for the room. The most time I've ever had to spend behind a microphone, it went better than I could have hoped... I think I was actually mildly funny.

We only got one "Bleah" on our survey, which was from a dude Sarah Gion and I got into a mild argument over computer access on CELLspace's computers with... How many times must you tell someone you don't know what the fucking password is before they leave you alone?

Anyways, can't wait for next year... Think of what we can do with a whole year!